Turning Point Ministries' vision is to minister to the total man by providing diverse services for spiritual, social and emotional growth.
      The main goal of all services rendered is to help the hopeless, destitute, hungry, imprisoned and oppressed reach beyond their present condition and become strong assets to society. We are committed to guiding individuals toward a lifestyle of sound morals, values, and ethics in an effort to create behaviors conducive to a strong family structure. We are further committed to ensuring children are given all tools necessary to excel, by exhausting all resources for equitable opportunities. We will guide the misdirected and assist the underprivileged by developing or restoring individuals' qualities that will transform them into valuable leaders and examples for others to follow.
      Our belief is to effectively change the way society is today by lifting up a standard with biblical and moral principles, and educating them through the following services:
  •  Aftercare Services for Children
  • Christian Foster Care and Adoption
  • Mentoring for Youth
  • Clothing Dependency
  • Counseling Services
  •   Hospital / Nursing Home Visitation
  •   Shelters (House of Mercy)
  •  Employment Referral & Placement
  •  Married Couples Ministry
  •   Parenting Classes
  • Prison/Jail Outreach
  •  Singles Ministry
  • Support Groups (Men, Women, and Children)
  •  Teenage Pregnancy Haven
  •  Raven's Nest Food Pantry
  •  Tutoring Services
  • SCFM Outreach
  •  Media Services (Radio, Television, Newspaper, etc...)
  • Camp Joseph (June - August)
      These programs are either already implemented or in the process of being implemented in the Stuttgart area. However, our outreach is not limited to the Little Rock, North Little Rock, and Stuttgart areas. We envision having substations, throughout counties, states, and countries, as God orders the needs in respective areas.