Camp Joseph

Camp Joseph, since the year 2009 has been diligently involved in advancing the city of Stuttgart Children/ youth through our Christian based program. Camp Joseph is supported through mission outreach and Turning Point Ministries' Partners. Since 2009 our youth summer program has been rapidly increasing in size and population. Camp Joseph Program is a six weeks program that is open and available for all children/youth ages 4 - 17.  As we continue to grow we have successfully been able to reach out to the parents and guardians of the youths as they continue to show their support for this great opportunity. 

Our purpose and goal are to assist the kids in developing a sense of awareness in their daily living skills while learning various ways of coping with the struggles of everyday challenges. The following is some class topics and recreational activities that we offer throughout the Camp Joseph program:

1. Respect for one another

2. Bible Studies

3. Parent and adolescent relationships

4. Responsible decision-making

5. Coping with emotions

6. Priorities

7. Peer Pressure/Bullying

8. Learning how to communicate productively and properly

9. Learning job applicant skills for future employment

10 . Tips for good Hygiene 

Recreational activities include the following:

1. Field trips

2. Outdoor activities

3. Arts and crafts

4. Singing and dancing contest along with awarded prizes

7. Camp Joseph talent show 

Camp Joseph is open for summer fun starting in June through the end of July. Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m.